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.NET and Java business application development framework
eFrame incorporates several familiar "CADOL like" features that give access to CADOL data in a native format. In addition, eFrame incorporates VCX and CABLE controls that have been specifically developed for the CADOL development marketplace. eFrame understands the nuances of products developed utilizing CADOL and helps developers to quickly move entire CADOL based character applications to contemporary GUI based .NET and Java applications. eFrame is the only visual development product focused on moving CADOL based applications out of CADOL available to the market today.
CADOL Software Application Server
Application software server architecture has become common place in today's software industry. Every major software vendor offers an application server as one of their tools. CABLE is a software application server engineered specifically for CADOL, but it works just like application servers offered by "the big boys" of software computing. CABLE consists of two software components. CABLE and the CABLE AppServer work in tandem over a network client/server connection. This client/server architecture shields the application from the implementation details of extracting the legacy business logic.
Open Database Connectivity for CADOL
The name of the game is real time. You cannot afford the time and effort required to prepare custom downloading of data and running special import and export routines to get your data where you want it. Not only is this process cumbersome and error-prone, but the data you export is static and needs to be re-exported every time you want to work with it. With CView you are connected to the CADOL database real-time, all-time. Imagine if you could connect your spreadsheet to your business data in real-time. With CView when you open your spreadsheet, you can have your data extracted and formatted, directly from your system, ready for you to use.
TPR Consulting Services - Serving Customers Real Time
We believe that successful software initiatives include solid planning, a concentrated marketing effort, and crisp execution. Without any one of these elements, initiatives will fall short of their objectives. Technical Point Resources provides the expertise and personnel necessary in these areas so that you can get a jump on the market and your competition. We don't deliver academic theory - we deliver real-world solutions.


Technical Point Resources, LLC is currently marketing its technology and services with a special emphasis to the CADOL marketplace. TPR has developed a number of technologies that allow companies with existing CADOL applications to migrate to .NET and Java based graphical N-tier client server environments.
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